Forward. Together.

Design. Execute. Advocate. Amplify.

Galvanize Partners is an impact strategy design and implementation team with decades of advocacy, development, and philanthropy experience.
Galvanize Partners provides strategic guidance and program implementation to foundations, social enterprises, corporate citizenship programs, and dedicated philanthropists across the globe.
Galvanize Partners can help you increase the depth and scale of your impact through effective partnerships, leveraging of public and private resources, high-value advocacy strategies, strategic program design, and impact valuation.

With the right partners, you can build and sustain solutions to even the most complex social challenges. Let’s move forward. Together.

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  • Grow a movement. Develop meaningful relationships with the right partners. Grow your donor network. Ignite champions.
  • Understand and increase your impact. Use simple, personalized systems to measure and evaluate the impact of your investments and capitalize on opportunities to deepen or scale sustainable outcomes.
  • Build organizational structure. Develop smart grant-making strategies, operations tools, and staffing models. We will stick around to provide first-rate implementation and operations support; we’ll even identify and implement appropriate legal and tax frame works.
  • Scale your work. Build focused, rich strategies to harness public sector investments, engage existing partners and grow new partnerships.
  • Implement successfully. Improve program execution by optimizing your philanthropic supply chain and overcome sticky hurdles in international development and aid. Manage working groups and stakeholder collaborations with grater dexterity and impact. Maximize output and minimize conference calls.
  • Tell your story. Articulate a personally-meaningful legacy, engage thought-leaders and energize your supporters and partners. Build the contacts, the calendar, the messaging to tell your story through the right publications, in the right venues, at the right times.
  • Build your team. With years of knowledge and work in the philanthropy industry, we are uniquely qualified to recruit and train the right leadership for your work.

We believe that rigorous analysis, clear communication, targeted advocacy, and strategic partnerships are the keys to meaningful, game-changing social innovation.


We collaborate with mission driven organizations to design, build, measure, learn, pivot, grow and communicate. We believe your work – whether independent philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, community activism or corporate citizenship – is more effective through partnership, creativity and human centered design.

Analysis & Design

  • Analyze gaps and opportunities to streamline corporate citizenship efforts
  • Build program valuation and design tools
  • Develop comparative market analyses to improve program outcomes
  • Design program implementation strategies and tools

Advocacy & Partnerships

  • Engage our unique public and private networks
  • Harness your networks
  • Design and execute government relations strategies
  • Develop and strengthen public-private collaboration [at local, national and international levels]
  • Identify highest-value cross-sector partners


  • Serve as a savvy, gracious extension of your team
  • Operate grant-making strategies
  • Brief and staff senior executives
  • Manage and execute logistics for global travel
  • Negotiate and secure cross-sector partners


  • Distill and prioritize mission statement and core objectives
  • Create tailored communications to galvanize investors, donors, boards and community stakeholders
  • Curate a meaningful annual engagement calendar

Our work is driven by optimism, integrity, collaboration.


Celes Eckerman

Managing Partner
With nearly 20 years of experience in international development and national security policy making, Celes leverages keen political judgment, an insider’s understanding of the policy process, and a wide network of high-level influencers on behalf of our clients. Celes is a twelve-year veteran of senior personal and committee staffs in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. She has worked alongside policy makers, elected officials, global industry leaders and community activists across the United States and in more than a dozen countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Teal Brown Zimring

Managing Partner
Teal operates at the intersection of the private, public and non-profit sectors, with over a decade of experience structuring high-value partnerships to benefit communities and regions globally.  She has demonstrated successes in creative problem solving to meet shared objectives, rigorous decision analysis and detailed impact assessment through the Aspen Institute, the UN Foundation, Two Degrees Food, Hewlett Packard and countless additional private and non-profit organizations. She has taught business ethics at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and implemented global corporate citizenship programs alongside small and large nonprofits in over 15 countries globally.


We can’t do it all, so we rely on our global network of good friends and great talent to get the job done. We make a practice of partnering with nimble, talented organizations and individuals. Our goal is to connect our clients with what they need to succeed – galvanizing diverse specialists on behalf of the communities and causes we serve.

Current partners include Mangrove Web Development and Josh Newman Design.